"EWBA is a collective of 3 artists that have been working together for over 10 years with a mission to spread love, create joy, and encourage adventure. Our artworks are all actually HANDMADE  by the 3 of us in New York and DC.  We believe in the power of art and we hope to serve the world with the work of our hands.



This is our first line of work inspired by the awesomeness of Brooklyn and Manhattan. The designs are very bold and urban with striking colors highlighting our favorite neighborhoods and buildings.


This is the line of work that emerged when one of us relocated to DC in 2013 and fell in love with it's iconic architecture and beautiful residential areas. The designs are more landscape based with vibrant colors and typography.

happy Stuff

These are the works that we started making out of pure joy to spread love, hope, and laughter. They are comical, sentimental, and distinctly silly. These designs are perfect for gifting or keeping as happy reminders.